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Most Popular Audio Recording and Recording Software Solutions
SONAR 4 Producer Edition Recording Software is the perfect solution for composing, audio recording, editing, mixing, and remixing music productions; and for providing voice over and post audio for film, TV, commercials, and games. Sonar 4 is the defacto standard in Audio Mastering and Audio Recording.

Cakewalk Sonar 4 details >>
Cubase SX 3 - Cubase SX3 Recording Software offers more than 70 new features including powerful Audio Warp realtime time stretching, an intuitive Play Order Track, convenient Inplace Editing and more

Apple Loops 160dB Drum & Bass - Breaks, Upright Bass licks & FX, Basses, Atmospheres, Drum Hits, Misc. FX, Gated FX, Musical FX, Live Drum Loops and more!

Cubase SX 3 Details >>
160dB Drum & Bass Details >>
Peak DV 4.0 - Recording Software optimized for users of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD, Premiere, DVD Studio Pro, and other digital video editing and DVD authoring applications.

Teach Yourself Guitar - Beginners of all ages can learn to read standard music notation and TAB, perform songs in a variety of styles, and play chords, scales and cool licks.

Peak DV 4.0 Details >>
Teach Yourself Guitar Details >>
Komplete 2 - NI KOMPLETE 2 represents an infinite universe of sound, uniting every NI synth, sampler, and effect into a single bundle that will change your studio forever. GigaPiano - GigaPiano delivers over a gigabyte of rich, stereo samples result in the most realistic sampled grand piano available anywhere.
Komplete 2 Details >>
GigaPiano Details >>

Music Software & DJ Headlines

DJ Alchemi

Active and passive music listening

There's a passage near the beginning of David Toop's Haunted Weather (reviewed here) where he writes, "trying to listen to everything has almost destroyed my desire to listen to anything"....Peer-to-peer recommendations coming to mobile

Proving that convergence is rapidly becoming a fait accompli, news of personalised radio on mobiles is supplemented by peer-to-peer recommendations on mobile devices, currently in prototype development through the Push!Music...NAMM: NAMM Oddities are Here, Photos of Unique Music Gear

Updated: Fixed broken link (my fault). 7.1 surround sound organs? Check. Saxes painted with porcelain-skinned, Rococco women? Check. Laser beam metronomes? Guitar picks with faces that morph into skulls? Mic stands with drink holder attachments, or (my personal favorite) Pepsi bottles that double as mic stands?.NAMM: Moog Voyager RME does CV; What's Next from Moog?

The rumored polyphonic and low-cost Moog synths were no-shows at NAMM but that didnít mean there wasnít anything to get excited about in the Moog booth. Owners of the Voyager Rack Mount edition are about to get their wish for more expansion capability in the form of the VX-352.

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